Thursday, September 21, 2006


Your Autumnal Equinox Coffee Update

Ready or not fall has arrived… Before we present a few new coffees for your consideration, please make note of a presentation which will be taking place at Royal Coffee on Tuesday Sept. 26th at 10:30. The presentation will bring us up-to-date on a new organization dedicated to helping land mine victims, and the opportunities open to us to be part of a solution to this problem which plagues much of the coffee growing world.---and yes, there will be cookies.

Now for some fall coffees you may want to focus on:

Bolivian Organic samples are on the way for our approval. Folks who have bought this coffee in the past take note. It is never a smooth ride to get these here, and they’re usually late, but most would agree they are worth the extra anxiety. We hope the first shipments will be here before Thanksgiving, now is the time to reserve them. Refs 13012 &13013.

New Crop Premium Colombians: Valencia Supremo & Excelso, Mujeres de Guayata, and Mesa de los Santos are on the books, with more to come. The market is at 1.03….why are you waiting?

New Guinea Kimel A & X. These have been outstanding this year, but the cupboard is getting bare...only a few more of these left until next summer. Want some fresh lively coffee to pick up your Centrals? Yeah, these can do that.

New crop Timor Organic---First wave is afloat. These won’t last, they're going to sell-out in advance of arrival. Operators are standing by.

Yemen---my favorite coffee. There are 26 bags left of Sanani ref 13607 which have just left Yemen for Oakland. If there is such a thing as freshly milled new crop Yemen, the pre-shipment sample we approved for this container was a very good example; green, moist, and full of fresh blueberry Mocca flavor.

50/50% Kenya PB/Yirgacheffe RS Decaf is back! Ref 14176 arriving mid-October.

And finally, it is prime time for Peru...straight or a great component to pick up your blends.

R. Fulmer

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