Friday, January 04, 2008


Prime Time

At the moment it is prime time for Indonesian and Asian coffees. Here are some we highly recommend:

Sumatra---We have been receiving excellent new crop Mandheling Grade 1. Two lots, here and ready to go, have stood out: refs 16319 and 16665.
The season's first Retro Mandheling, ref 17184, will be here and ready to ship by 1/15, as will the 100% Sidikalang “Tabu Jamu” ref 17199.

Balinese “Blue Moon”---the first container was a hit and sold fast, the second one has arrived and cups equal to if not better than the first. Ref 17256.

Flores Bajawa---ref 16602 ... is going fast. This coffee is established.

Java Estate Pancoer---two good lots on the spot: refs 16959 & 17061, classic Java flavor.

New Guinea Kimel Estate--- A, X, and our favorite, the PB ref 14978.

Indian Monsooned ---- ref 15384… a thing of beauty if you are inclined.
Ref 16639 Royal Select Water Process Sulawesi Decaf---This is the highest rated decaf in our position. It tastes like a lot like Sulawesi...imagine that!

Coming soon and strongly recommended:

15104 & 15105 Panama Boquete Classico. Bright, balanced, sweet. I don’t think there is a better January Shipment Central American coffee.

17407 Harrar… Blueberry Fields Forever. Jan Ship

17402 Palestina Huila Colombian
17437 San Augustine Huila Colombian
17438 Pitalito Huila Colombian
17439 Oporapa Huila Colombian
………Classic Huila brightness, Caramel sweet flavor. These are great coffees to offer as a single origin, they are some of the best coffees produced in Colombia.---Jan Ship

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