Friday, April 18, 2008


Can't Miss Coffees

While in Minneapolis for the SCAA May 2-5th,
please come visit Royal Coffee in booth# 1546
Central America & Mexico
As we get further into the main harvest from Central America, we are seeing some excellent arrivals and some very promising preshipment samples. Here are some SPOT standouts at the moment:

Ref 16226 Costa Rican SHB Monte Crisol
Ref 15974 Costa Rican SHB La Rosa
Ref 16000 Costa Rican ORGANIC SHB Naranjo

Ref 15987 Guatemalan SHB Huehuetenango El Injertal
Ref 17778 Guatemalan SHB Bourbon Florenci

Ref 16410 Mexican Pluma Oaxaca Altura Tres Oros

On the horizon:
---We have a number of Micro lots from Costa Rica and Panama, each unique in regards to geography, experimental processing, producer profiles and cup characteristics.

Colombia---The fly crop is just around the corner in Huila. In the meantime there are a couple of great Colombians available from alternative regions. On the spot in our Oakland warehouse, we have ref 17099 Guayata tipica from the Cordillera Oriente which has managed to distinguish itself from among many good arrivals. For prompt shipment, we have a rare coffee from the Pacific side of the Cordillera Occidental, ref 18175 El Carmen del Atrato.

Nicaragua—coffees from Segovia, especially FTO…. NOW is a good time.

El Salvador—We have some fine ORGANICS to offer. Las Lajas, San Rafael Los Naranjos, and one of our perennial outstanding favorites, Santa Adelaida.

On the conventional side, we have two shipments of Estate grown Cerro de las Ranas Pulped Natural SHG lined up. The preshipment samples we have tried so far have been excellent.

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