Monday, May 22, 2006



We are now right in the heart of the season for Mexican Coffees. We have quite a few from which to choose. If you want to cherry pick the best Mexican coffee we are going to see this year, you buy these: Refs: 12804 and 12805 Mex Organic Pluma Real, Olivo and Cabana. These two lots, along with the Pluma 3 Oros (small producers) ref 12585 are classic Pluma coffees--- soft, sweet, but still lively and bright. Plumas do not often get the credit they deserve, but when they are as good as these, they would do just fine in any cupping contest.

From Chiapas, the lot to bring home is ref 13409 Organic Chiapas from the Proish COOP.

For conventional coffee, we have two single farms, the Fino Rojas from SeƱora Rojas Jamaica farm, and from Tapachula, the Finca San Carlos which has been in the Hotzen family since 1888. So, it is a very good time to buy Mexicans.
Robert Fulmer

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