Monday, May 01, 2006


Que Sorpresa!... Update 5/1/2006

Generally we hate surprises. But the last couple of weeks we’ve had a few of the pleasant variety. First of all, we received two very good Brazil deliveries, which is only surprising because it is very late in the year to be bragging about Brazilian coffee. But these two are very good:
Ref 12682 Brazil 17/18 Mogiana
Ref 13048 Brazil Natural Fazenda Aurea
…this one is also available as Royal Select Water Decaf …ref 13516

The next surprise, also pleasant and somewhat unexpected, was the arrival of Sulawesi Toraja ref 13148. This has not been a banner year for Sulawesi. Just when we were ready to throw in the towel and drink tea, we get this stellar delivery….Again at a time when real good deliveries like this are not common.

It’s also somewhat surprising when a washed Sidamo out-cups our Yirgacheffe deliveries, but ref 12645 washed Sidamo will out-Yirgacheffe most Yirghcheffe.

It’s never a total surprise, in fact we are always hoping for great Natural Sidamo, but getting a great Natural Ethiopian is not something you can ever take for granted. So, it is a great time to buy Natural Sidamo both Organic and non-certified…. Mocca flavor at tight-wad prices…Refs 124444 &12475 Organic and Refs 12653 & 12654 conventional. If you want to add instant character and personality to your coffee, these components certainly provide that opportunity.

Finally, we contracted for our first container of the year of Rwandan... Ref 13593 Kibuye Mt. A Grade. We generally are looking for the brightest acidity we can find from East Africa, so it is a bit surprising we locked into this coffee. It did not really show floral or citrus-like acidity. Oh, this coffee is plenty bright, but it is a brightness combined with a sugary sweet body. This should be, surprises aside, a great coffee based on our pre-shipment sample. Look for it to be here in early July.

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