Monday, May 22, 2006


Small Producer Program

One day a customer asked me what I knew about the Pluma coffee that he loved. This started my research. In the quest to quench our roaster clients never ending thirst for information about the fine coffee we import, I am happy to introduce RC# 12585 Mexican Small Producer Pluma.
Our friends at Calvo (Pluma Tres Oros) agree with us that establishing and maintaining the relationship between roaster and small producers is the key to ensuring that these coffees of distinction do not disappear forever. Small producer’s coffee throughout the world is usually mixed together to form commercial export brands. The idea behind this program is to recognize and reward the small individual growers.
These five featured producers have been purveying their coffee to the Calvo family for many years. These coffee(s) embody the true distinct flavor that the Sierra Sur Mt. Range has to offer. The bright, sweet cup has a distinct layer and length to it that some roasters feel only exist in Guatemalan coffee.

Try it as a single origin espresso…hopefully they’ll be some left when you come back for more.
---Alex Mason

For more info on these producers, click on “business intelligence” on our home page and then click on “recently added links” for Fincas San Jose, San Mateo, Cafetal El Popo, Don Andres and Rancho Golgota.

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