Wednesday, January 31, 2007



Here are the leads to the best on our offering sheet:
Spot cupping standouts:
14020 Sumatra Mandheling---sweet, earthy, traditional Sumatra.
13728 Java Pancoer---Full body classic Java—not a hint of adidas.
12686 New Crop Panama BEP---lively bright balanced Boquete flavor. Best new crop Central arrival to date.
13634,5,&6--- Brazil Fazenda Aurea---Full natural complexity, smooth fruity, nutty, chalky. A stand-alone varietal Brazil not just for espresso.
13664 Peru Royal Especial---clear, clean and lively, one on the best values on our list.
14560 Colo Organic Cauca Tierradentro. Citrus acidity and Caramel finish.
14538 Indian Robusta Cherry 17 Screen—What the??? Wait…wait…wait...this is a very good robusta. Clean, malty, confectionary cacao…”vending machine hot chocolate”
14536 Kenya AB MC Decaf…A decaf Kenya that tastes like Kenya… remember, decaf drinkers are not losers.
14382--- Don Telmo Organic Colombian Bourbon…very smooth and sweet.
14767--- Colombia Oporapa & 14764,65,66 Palistina15 full….the best of South Huila, mild orange acidity, caramel body, smooth juicy texture.

Sneak previews: The best pre-shipment new crop samples cupped as of 1/30.
The two most impressive samples we have cupped so far are Mexican organic Chiapas and organic Yirgacheffe. If the Mex. Chiapas samples are any indication, Chiapas will more than atone for last year’s Hurricane Stan-flawed crop. The samples we have previewed have been excellent.
One organic Yirgacheffe sample we approved, had it been an arrival, would have scored 95-100 even among our critical Royal cynics…. a textbook example of one of the best coffees in the World. Wow.

Further out: We have purchased our Kimel Estate New Guinea for '07. This is a true Estate specialty coffee and always one of the best of the year, and, one of the best you can get for the 2nd half of the year. Plenty of A, X and PB available…for now.

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