Thursday, July 26, 2007



These days it seems the desire to know about coffee is insatiable. The coffee business today is obsessed with localizing the supply of coffee. Sometimes it feels to us that we are asked for more information than could possibly be desired by consumers. But then again, it is hard to argue with success and innovation; coffee consumption is on the rise, and specialty roasters are leading the way. So, if you want to know the name of the son of the person who pulped your semi-washed orange USDA #762 catimore, we’ll try and get it for you. I’ve heard people joke about the café of the future where you can watch you own personally contracted coffee tree grow on a web-cam. It will probably happen; heck, it probably is already happening, in Japan, or Boulder.
All joking aside, it is interesting to know exactly from where your coffee has come. Right now you have an excellent opportunity to purchase Costa Rican Dota Tarrazu and know the grower, the farm location, altitude, processing, and even the date the coffee was picked. On our offering list there are 11 micro lots ranging in size from 7 to 36 bags. If you click on “ business intelligence” on the right side of our home page site, and then click on the recently added link: “Costa micro lots” you will see pictures and profiles of all the lots. And, to reward you for all the effort, if you purchase any these coffees and mention you looked at the profiles, we’ll take 2 cents per lb. off your micro lot purchase. These lots are spot and ready to ship.

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