Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Ding Ho

We try to keep readers of the Royal Blog posted on the best cupping coffees available on the spot. At the moment here is what we consider the best:

16135 Brazil Fazenda Aurea Natural 17/18….soft, nutty and subtle floral fruitiness.
16652 Sulawesi Toraja G-1…Slightly earthy, pleasantly woody and full bodied.
16434 Colombian Cauca 15 full…Caramel sweetness, bright, but not overly acidic.
15507 Guat El Injerto…The best 2007 Guat left on our offering list.
15718 & 15722 Kenya…Bright Kenya citrus acidity. Main crop auction lots from Kirinyaga
16701 Kona Extra Fancy Greenwell Farms…Kona customers won’t be disappointed.
15232 & 16492 Peru FTO….Clean, bright sweet fresh flavor from an origin in season.
14978 New Guinea Kimel PB…arguably the best coffee we own.
15261 Guat Coffein MC Decaf….Some Kenya got decaffed and we lucked out?
16114 Peru FTO Royal Select Decaf…our Xmas present to decaf drinkers.

Sneak previews:
Hyping pre-shipment samples is a bit risky, but here are some we would bet heavily on:

16188,16602,16603 Flores Bajawa… the first container has arrived(sold out), but the next three lots should be more of the same. Right up there with your best washed Java Estates.

17094 Sumatra Retro Mandheling…this coffee will sell very fast once it arrives. Tie it up SAS.
16608, 16609, 166109 Tanzania Ruvuma PB, AA and 15 full … the only Ruvuma this year during Tanznia’s short prime time.

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