Friday, March 21, 2008


Who is Mr. Margin and why does he keep calling?

After a turbulent and stressful ride the C market, as of 3/21 is back to 1.30, just about the level where the hedge-fund rally began.
The futures market, which was invented to limit risk, now is the risk.

Where it goes from here is open to debate, but after a visit to levels 40 cents higher, I think buyers can all find a new appreciation for a 1.30 C market.

Among many great coffees, here are a few of the best on the spot:

16613 Colo Supremo Huila regional
15987 Guat HHT El Injertal
16381 Guat HHT Palhu
14978 New Guinea Kimel Estate PB
15673 Sumatra G-1 Mandheling
16878 Sumatra Organic Mandheling
16684 Yemen Mocca Sanani
17092 Colo Huila Valencia Royal Select Water Decaf
16326 Sumatra Mandheling Royal Select Water Decaf

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